Your laundry system is vital to the everyday function of your business, which means the smallest of problems can have a widespread impact. However, most commercial laundry systems these days are built to last and, with the right maintenance, will operate without a glitch for several years.

The key to getting a reliable service from your laundry equipment is maintaining it. This checklist is designed to provide you with best practice guidance on taking care of your system and optimising its performance:

  1. Run a maintenance cycle every few months

Using your laundry system day-in-day-out can cause dirt and grime to rapidly build up. Running your machines on an empty cycle every month will help keep your system clean and ensure your laundry feels fresh after every wash.

We recommend running a maintenance wash without detergent and with the machine on its highest temperature setting for best results.

  1. Don’t overload your machines

Our professional laundry systems are built to handle heavy loads, but there’ll always be a limit specified by the manufacturer. Exceeding this limit and overloading your machines will result in less effective washes that’ll put a strain on your system and could even result in it breaking down.

If you find you’re regularly overloading your cycles to keep up with demand, it may be time to upgrade to a larger system. Why not talk to our team about designing a new system specifically for your business?

  1. Use professional laundry and warewashing detergents

Professional machines are built to be more powerful and durable than domestic appliances. And the same applies to the detergents you use.

We stock a range of cost-effective professional liquids and detergents that work alongside your machines to deliver maximum cleaning power. Highly concentrated, these detergents are built to combat stains on short, high-power cycles.

  1. Test the temperature of your machines

To ensure your machines are working at maximum efficiency, you need to know that they’re heating your water to the right level. We offer Periodic Temperature Valuation where an engineer will systematically test your equipment to check your machines are meeting the required performance guidelines.

To find out more about performance guidelines, read our blog ‘WRAS and the Water Regulation 1999 – Do you comply?’

  1. Get a regular maintenance service

As well as being a stipulation of most warranty policies, having an annual service prevents serious breakdowns that can be costly and could cause serious disruption to your business. A service takes as little as a couple of hours and gives you peace of mind that your machines are in top condition.

Want to make sure your laundry system is operating as effectively and efficiently as possible? Contact us today for a free site consultation.