Our commitment to providing a service that won’t let you down means that we source only the best equipment as a part of our packages.

Reliable and energy efficient appliances do all the hard work for you. And Miele have been building market-leading appliances for over 100 years.

You can’t buy that kind of experience, which is why Miele’s specialism is so renowned. Originating in Germany, their state-of-the-art products are now imported to dozens of locations across the globe.

With Miele you are acquiring top quality. Their products are tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage, and it’s that kind of durability that makes them a perfect match for JTM and our Comfort Care package.

Their patented designs and high spec manufacturing produces appliances which offer minimal maintenance and maximum performance; all at the lowest cost to your energy bill. A winning formula for any busy business.

We offer operative training with our experienced engineers to ensure you get the very best out of your Miele system. This wisdom combined with our 365 day a year breakdown cover means you are sure to continue to reap the benefits for decades to come.

As experts in their field, Miele are always developing their technology with new and innovative ideas. This makes them a fantastic partner for JTM as it allows us to continue to improve and enhance the services we can offer you, our customers.

Interested in finding out how much our Miele systems could save your business? Get in touch for more information.