The Oncology Department at Castle Hill Hospital, in Hull, is a 15,000 m² specialist cancer treatment centre, which supports cancer patients from across the region.

Grosvenor Facilities Management (“GFM”) are a facilities management company who support the Oncology Department at Castle Hill Hospital, including the management of the reactive and planned maintenance services.

The Challenge Faced

It is essential for the Oncology Department at Castle Hill Hospital that the strictest standards of hygiene are achieved and maintained, and that this can be evidenced.

The dishwashers on the Oncology wards at Castle Hill Hospital rely on thermal disinfection for infection control, and GFM require external validation to confirm and demonstrate that the dishwashers are reaching and holding the following temperatures to achieve thermal disinfection:

Disinfection Temperature (°C) Minimum Exposure Time (minutes)
65 10
73 3
80 1

How JTM Service Helped

We have supplied and installed Miele’s thermally disinfecting PG8059 Hygiene Dishwasher to Castle Hill Hospital. The Oncology Department have 13 x Miele PG8059 Dishwashers, which we also service and maintain. These machines have a freshwater system, a final rinse temperature of 85°C, and are designed to achieve and maintain the correct temperatures for thermal disinfection.

To help GFM to confirm and demonstrate the required temperatures for thermal disinfection are achieved and maintained, we perform quarterly Temperature Validation Assessments. We do this by running each machine through a normal cycle, and placing a calibrated probe in the basket that takes a reading every second of the temperature inside the dishwasher. Once complete, we download the data for analysis and verification, and a graph is produced of the temperatures achieved during the cycle plus the contact times.

A report is then provided to GFM showing the machine details, the temperatures and contact times, and confirmation of whether the required temperatures for thermal disinfection were achieved and held. This certification enables GFM to demonstrate their compliance with the thermal disinfection requirements.

What The Client Says

Wayne Goode, Facilities Manager with GFM, says “It is essential to us that we are able to confirm the dishwashers are achieving thermal disinfection by hitting the right temperatures and then holding them for the right length of time. As a PFI Project we have accountability, and the ability to produce the evidence is critical. The quarterly temperature validation assessments JTM Service do for us let us know whether the dishwashers are working as we require, and we receive a quarterly report for each machine so we can evidence this. JTM Service are brilliant – the reporting is great, their engineers are friendly and helpful, and the reporting is sent promptly in a clear and concise format. I would highly recommend JTM Service.”