Many business owners that need an on premise laundry facility get sold on the idea that they need the next best washing machine with every available feature under the sun. This isn’t the case.

What do you need it for?

Clean clothes on time, every time with zero down time? Well, that’s pretty simple isn’t it? We believe this simply comes down to great service support to ensure the operation runs smoothly, good planning, staff training, maintenance and 24/7 service support – the washing machine is just a tool in the process.

A good independent service operator will be able to maintain any brand of laundry equipment and will know which machines / features available in the market place will provide best value for the relevant needs of a client when the time comes to replace.

By standardising the equipment over time, relevant parts will be held as stock on service vehicles allowing maximisation of first time fix – keeping downtime to a minimum! Good service support partners will also provide detergents and thus be able to control the quality of wash too, taking full accountability for results (leaving you, the owner, to get on with what you are good at – looking after your clients).

Good service means control of vital data.

How much have we spent on repairs this year? Which machine is breaking down most, why is this? ‘How many machines do we have across all sites? How old are they, what condition are they in? What likely replacements should we be budgeting for in the next year? Do we have certificates of servicing in place to prove due diligence if questioned? Are our laundry staff trained?

All these questions are easily answered and addressed as part of having a good working relationship with a quality service provider.

At JTM Service this is what we offer. Our mission is to improve the efficiency of your business by improving your results and minimising downtime – leaving you to do what you’re good at. It really is that simple.

To discuss your individual requirements and how our tailored maintenance plans can help your business, call our team on 0800 652 5692.