Caring for sick animals can get messy and after a long day of furry patients, the laundry starts to pile up. Fresh, clean bedding is essential for preventing the spread of disease – as well as keeping the animals comfortable.

As a veterinary practice, you have a legal responsibility to carry out rigorous control procedures, including the washing of clothes, bedding and blankets. You also need to make sure you are compliant with Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Are you WRAS compliant?

WRAS compliant washing machines have been designed to ensure that the wastewater cannot flow back and contaminate the fresh water supply as stipulated in the WRAS Fluid Category 5 guidelines.

Professional standard laundry equipment is the only way to ensure laundry is properly disinfected, killing bacteria and helping to reduce the spread of infections such as MRSP.

Unsure whether your current system is compliant or fit for purpose?

We install a huge range of commercial laundry equipment to suit operations of any size, from small, light commercial units like the Work Horse range, right through to larger machines from leading manufacturer, Miele.

Our laundry engineers will assess your operation and recommend the ideal laundry system to fit your requirement, ensuring that you remain fully compliant.

Download our brochure for more details on WRAS and to find out more about our laundry systems. Or to arrange a consultation, get in touch.