Whether you work in a care home, veterinary practice, hospital or hotel, you want to make sure that the laundry appliances you use day in, day out are fit for purpose.

And when you’re shopping around for new commercial washing machines, it’s also important the appliance you choose is going to provide you with optimum cleaning results, wash-after-wash.

With commercial washing machines getting increasingly sophisticated over the years, it’s easy to think that they probably don’t need as much looking after as they once used to.

But they do….

…and unfortunately, not all businesses realise this, which can result in them having to fork out for costly repairs and breakdowns later down the line.

It’s important you look after your washing machines, whether they’re one, three or ten years old (although if they’re ten years old, you might want to consider replacing them with a more efficient and effective model).

One of the best ways to give your commercial washing machines the care and attention they deserve (after all – they do work hard, sometimes non-stop, on a daily basis), is to get them regularly serviced and maintained.

And one of the most cost efficient and straightforward ways to go about this is with a professional maintenance package. An inclusive package will provide you with peace of mind that your appliances are looked after and won’t let you down.

Our Comfort Care package does just that – provides you with comprehensive annual maintenance and breakdown services for your appliances, so that they stay in full working order. What’s more, unlike other packages, it doesn’t come with any upfront costs, only manageable monthly payments that suit your budget.

While it might be tempting to overlook the upkeep of your commercial washing machines, it’s an action that could cost you time and money in the long-run, so surely, it’s worth giving them a little TLC, starting today, right?

To find out more about taking care of your laundry appliances, Comfort Care, or to discuss your commercial washing machine requirements with us, contact us on 0800 652 5692 or complete the short online form.