United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust is situated in the county of Lincolnshire and is one of the largest hospital trusts in England, with three main hospitals and 90 other locations and around 8,800 staff.

The Challenge Faced

As one of the largest Hospital Trusts in England, United Lincolnshire Hospitals have the strictest level of hygiene and infection control, and this has never been in a greater spotlight than now. Each Hospital Ward requires a dishwasher that gives more than a ‘surface clean’ – it needs an integrated thermal disinfection programme which will optimise the killing of micro-organisms as part of the wash cycle. And with the machine in constant use, downtime of the machine is not an option.
To minimise this, they carry a small stock of spare dishwashers to replace on the ward at short notice, and then replenish spare stock as used, to make sure they reach the fast turnaround that the Estates department are under pressure to achieve. They require a service partner who can:
• meet their equipment needs – machines that have both the longevity and reliability that they have come to rely on
• provide a rapid response to any call outs or installations

This is where JTM Service and the Miele PG8059 Dishwasher come in!

How JTM Service Help

We work with Mark Newbert, Estates Team Leader and the team at United Lincolnshire Hospitals to enable them to meet the demanding requirements of a large hospital Trust. At JTM Service we have extensive experience helping the NHS and we recommended Miele’s PG8059 Hygiene Dishwasher to optimise hygiene and infection control and meet the exacting standards required.

Miele’s PG8059 Hygiene Dishwasher uses a freshwater wash system with a final rinse temperature of 85°C – NHS guidance for thermal disinfection includes a rinse temperature above 80°C. The freshwater system only uses fresh, clean water on every cycle whereas other hygiene dishwashers use a tank system which means they initially reuse the dirty water from the previous wash which has been held at a steady temperature. The PG8059 also has double the capacity of its nearest rival, and it has a locking system during the high temperature wash to prevent injury to the user and avoid undermining the hygiene cycle. And because it’s a Miele, it has gone through a rigorous and unrivalled testing process which means it is robust and downtime is minimised.

As a Miele Approved Partner, JTM Service supply and commission the PG8059 for United Lincolnshire Hospitals. And with over 35 years’ experience and a large team of engineers and our own installation team, we provide the rapid and flexible response that is needed.

What the Client Says

Mark Newbert, Estates Team Leader stated “We are a Hospital Trust and we need to meet the strictest standards of hygiene. We have worked with JTM Service for a number of years. They understand our needs, they respond quickly, and the engineers and all the team are knowledgeable and helpful and provide a fantastic level of service and support for us. I would highly recommend them.”