Using less energy in 2022 is a key goal for many organisations, including laboratories, hospitals and other medical settings.

This week (Jan 17 to Jan 23) is Energy Saving Week so we’ve put together five reasons why choosing appliances made by Miele can help you and your team reduce your energy consumption and make your day-to-day operations more sustainable.

Short batch times
Miele Professional washer-disinfectors are ideal for laboratory and medical settings and their short batch times save valuable time and energy- making your day-to-day operations more efficient without compromising on results. Using high-performance technology, laboratory glassware and hollow instruments can be safely and thoroughly cleaned quickly and without wasting energy and resources.

Use of recycled materials in production
Miele has committed to an ambitious sustainability plan which includes increasing the use of recycled materials when manufacturing its laboratory glasswashers and washer-disinfectors. Right from the beginning of the product design process, our team ensures that the materials used can be easily recycled at a later date. Our commercial appliances include a high metal content, which is almost 100% recyclable, ensuring that there is minimal waste when the product does reach the end of its life.

Repair rather than replace
As well as ensuring our products are made from materials which can be recycled, we have designed our laboratory and medical appliances so they can be easily repaired with a large stock of readily available replacement parts. By making the repair process simple and easy, this increases the life cycle of each product, making it more cost-effective for the customer and better for the environment. We supply spare parts for our models for a minimum of 15 years after the model has been discontinued.

High levels of efficiency
At Miele Professional, we use cutting edge technology to ensure our appliances use the minimum amount of energy, water and chemical agents like detergents while still producing exceptional results. This means our glasswashers and washer-disinfectors are more efficient to run than many alternative models and will help keep both running costs and environmental impact as low as possible. Each product also gives clear information on both energy efficiency and consumption, helping customers to make the right choice for them.

Company commitment to CO2 reduction
Miele is committed to reducing its energy consumption across the whole company, making it an ethical choice for organisations who want to prioritise sustainability. As a brand, we have pledged to reduce CO2 emissions by 50 per cent by 2030. We achieved carbon neutrality across all our locations during 2021 by acquiring high-quality CO2 compensation certificates, which offset the emissions created during the production process. We are also working hard to reduce CO2 emissions at all our production plants by increasing the amount of renewable energy we generate ourselves by installing photovoltaic arrays, which convert solar energy from the sun into electricity.