Air Purifiers help protect against viruses and bacteria and the government is currently recommending that schools use HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) air purifiers to help tackle Covid.

Miele’s new mobile AirControl air purifier provides the best possible protection against viruses and bacteria as well as other air-borne particles.

Thanks to its 5-stage filtration system including a HEPA H14 high-performance filter, it removes at least 99.995% of all airborne viruses, bacteria, particles and mould fungi.

The freestanding AirControl Purifier is simple to operate and quiet in operation, and is ideal for use in many settings including Care, Healthcare, Nurseries and Education, Hotels and Guesthouses, Leisure and Beauty, Shops and in places like meeting rooms, receptions, waiting areas and any place where people gather in buildings.

Key benefits of the Miele AirControl include:

  • 5-stage filtration system including HEPA H14 filter – rids room air of 99.995% of particles including mico-organisms such as viruses (including Coronavirus)
  • Removes Viruses Permanently with Miele ThermoControl – deactivates the viruses, bacteria and other pathogens in the filters
  • Integrated CO2 Sensor – continually measures the CO2 level in the room
  • Automatic Mode – 3 automatic modes to ensure ease of use and regulated operation
  • Tamper Proof – the controls are PIN protected and has a lockable access flap to prevent unauthorised access of the controls
  • Easy to Use – Mobile and easy to move, and just require a normal 13a plug socket
  • Quiet and Robust – quiet operation, and built to the market leading Miele Quality
  • 3 Models – 3 model versions for up to 200m², and air in larger rooms can be purified using a combination of AirControl units

At JTM Service we are proud to be an Approved Miele Professional Partner. Please contact us for more information on the Miele AirControl Purifier and how it could help support you.