Commercial dishwashers come in different shapes and sizes, and their performance and features are very different compared to a domestic dishwasher. What are the main differences of a commercial dishwasher compared to a domestic model, and what are the benefits?

  1. Time Saving, With Fast Cycle Times – cycle times are much quicker than a domestic dishwasher and can be as fast as 2 minutes! This is due to the way they are designed, and they can also be 3 phase electrics and hot water feed to further improve speed.
  2. High Volume and Throughput – a commercial dishwasher can manage a higher volume of plates, and combined with the faster speeds it means a much higher throughput is achieved, which is essential for commercial kitchens.
  3. High Temperatures – a commercial dishwasher will be able to operate at a much higher temperature than a standard dishwasher, improving the cleaning results and speed of operation.
  4. Reliable And Long Lasting – commercial dishwashers are durable and built to last, for example Miele Professional MasterLine dishwashers (JTM Service – Miele Professional MasterLine Range) are tested for 28,000 cycles.
  5. Efficient and Sustainable – the best quality commercial dishwashers are designed to have low water and electricity consumption, they are long lasting, and are built with durable components made from recyclable materials .
  6. Undercounter or Hood-Type – whilst commercial dishwashers can come in models which are similar in size and shape to one you would have at home, they can also come in “hood-type” (or “pass-through”) models – for example, the Smeg Professional Topline SPH515 (JTM Service – Smeg Professional SPH515). These are suited to large scale operations of commercial kitchens.
  7. Thermal Disinfection – some dishwashers, such as the Miele Professional MasterLine PFD404 (JTM Service – Miele Professional PFD 404), are thermally disinfecting. This means they have programmes designed to achieve and hold required and recognised temperatures to achieve thermal disinfection, essential for Care settings like Hospitals and Care Homes.
  8. Compliance With Water Regulations – all businesses need to comply with The Water Supply (Water Regulations) 1999 (“The Water Regulations”). All commercial dishwashers supplied by JTM Service are certified to meet The Water Regulations and we install them correctly to ensure compliance.
  9. Freshwater or Tank System – commercial dishwashers can have a freshwater system where it takes in fresh water for each part of the cycle including rinsing, similar to your dishwasher at home. They can also have a tank system, with a tank of water kept at a steady temperature which is constantly cycled round the machine.
  10. Cost Saving – whilst the initial investment is higher than a domestic dishwasher, over time they reduce costs due to their long life, much greater durability and reliability, time saving and performance benefits, and their efficiency savings.

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