Miele-MOPSTAR-130-Washing-Machine A Specialist washer for Effectively Disinfect Cleaning Cloths and disinfect Mops Is Important For Healthcare

The requirement for regular and effective cleaning and disinfection is absolutely essential, especially in hospitals, healthcare and care facilities.

Cleaning surfaces, equipment and floors to disinfect them and optimise infection control means that the tools used to do the cleaning need to be thoroughly washed and disinfected themselves, in particular cleaning cloths and mops.

JTM Service recommend a range of machines specifically built for this purpose called the Miele MOPSTAR washing machines. The popularity of these specialist machines has increased recently, especially for contract cleaners in hospitals. That is because re-usable cleaning cloths and mops should be thermally disinfected and the MOPSTAR washing machines from Miele Professional can do this in compliance with Health Authority guidelines and also guidelines issued by the Robert Koch Institute, reducing the risk of cross-contamination when re-using the mops and cloths.

Whats the ideal Commercial Washing Machine to disinfect cleaning equipment?

The benefits of the Miele MOPSTAR machine include:

  • Ideal commercial washing machine for the Cleaning & disinfection of cloths & mops.
  • A ‘dewatering’ process designed to improve the removal of soil before the cleaning process begins.
  • A specific drain pump design incorporating a larger drain to prevent clogging by soiling and parts of the mop and cloths.
  • Thermal disinfection by safe washing and disinfection processes which comply with health authority parameters on temperature, holding time and load-to-liquor (liquid) ratio.
  • Drum volumes up to 130 litres with load capacities up to 13kg – it can wash up to 100 microfibre mops or 36 cotton mops per cycle.
  • It has a hygiene programme to clean the machine itself.
  • Additional programmes for washing uniforms and privacy curtains.
  • Documentation of washing and disinfection processes (Temperature Validation) is available.
Miele-mopstar-60-pw-5064 disinfect cleaning equipment commercial washing machine

At a time when it is more important than ever, we are proud that we are the first point of call for many hospitals and care homes for their servicing and repairs as well as for new and replacement machines. With over 30 years’ experience, JTM Service is the trusted partner who can provide you with everything you need in the laundry equipment sector.

We are also an approved Miele Professional Partner – in fact we were a founding member of the Miele Professional Partnership!

For more information and advice about janitorial laundry requirements including the Miele MOPSTAR washing machines, or any other laundry and dishwashing equipment needs, please email us via info@jtmservice.com or call us on 0800 6525692.