Buy or lease commercial washing machines for infection control of cleaning equipment

In recent weeks at JTM Service we have seen a significant rise in demand from hospitals and care homes for Thermal Disinfection Dishwashers, in particular, Miele’s ‘best in class’ PG8059 Hygiene Dishwasher. The need to achieve the strictest levels of hygiene and infection control has never been greater and, whilst the majority of dishwashers give a ‘surface clean’, they do not have an integrated thermal disinfection programme. Hospitals and care homes are now demanding this to optimise the killing of micro-organisms as part of the wash cycle.

This is where Miele’s PG8059 Hygiene Dishwasher comes into its own. It uses a freshwater wash system with a final rinse temperature of 85°C – NHS guidance for thermal disinfection includes a rinse temperature above 80°C. Other hygiene dishwashers on the market use a tank system, which means they initially reuse the dirty water from the previous wash which has been held at a steady temperature. Miele’s PG8059’s freshwater wash system only uses fresh, clean water on every cycle and at the end everything is removed from the machine, giving better infection control and better results.

We sell commercial washing machines for infection control of cleaning equipment

The increase in demand in both hospitals and care homes is understandable as the pressure to
optimise infection control is heightened. There are other benefits to the PG8059 as well:

It has a double rack system and therefore double the capacity in a single cycle of its nearest
rival, meaning it does need loading and unloading as often.

  • It has a locking system during the high temperature wash to prevent injury to the user and to avoid undermining the hygiene programme
  • It is freestanding and fits ‘under the counter’ – ideal for kitchens like those in care homes or
    on hospital wards
  • It comes in single-phase or three-phase, and in white or stainless steel
  • It offers impressive efficiency and is easy to use
  • It has 13 wash cycles that allow you to get the best results even on mixed loads

At a time when it is more important than ever, we are proud that we are the first point of call for
many hospitals and care homes for their servicing and repairs as well as for new and replacement
machines. With over 30 years’ experience, JTM Service is the trusted partner who can provide you
with everything, you need in the laundry equipment sector.

For more information and advice about thermal disinfection dishwashers, or any other laundry and dishwashing equipment needs, please email us via or call us on 0800 6525692.