So the time has come to improve your commercial laundry equipment. The funds have got the go ahead, you’ve requested the latest brochures from JTM and your old machine’s days are numbered.

How long have you had that machine? Well, it won’t surprise you to hear then, that technology has come a long way since you last made a decision which affected your laundry room as much as this one will. While the industry is yet to welcome the iWash or the Smart Machine (one day?), there’s still a whole host of features you can expect from your new washing machine when it arrives to help you improve safety, work more efficiently and save you money.

Here’s a quick rundown of six features you can expect from your new commercial washing machine:

1. Capacity

I bet your washing requirements have increased tenfold since you last brought a washing machine? Well our machines range from 5.5 to 32kg in capacity which means you can select the right one for your current demand. This means fewer, bigger washes, delivering a reduction in laundry processes, energy consumption and cost.

2. Laundry protection

If you chose a Miele commercial washing machine, you’ll enjoy the benefits of its patented honeycomb drum which allows a thin film of water to form to protect the laundry and prevent fibre damage or pilling.

3. WRAS approval

Chances are your current machine struggles to meet the criteria outlined by WRAS. You needn’t give this a second thought once our dedicated team have got your new one up and running.

4. 199 different programmes, as chosen by you

Yes that’s right, 199 freely programmable slots just waiting to get your whites white. This will streamline laundry processes and safeguard against any unfortunate washing accidents (picture shrunken woollen jumpers).

5. Longevity

JTM’s range of commercial washing machines are rigorously tested to run for up to 40,000 cycles, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. But if the unforeseen should happen, there’s always our comprehensive maintenance packages which are packed with benefits to get you out of any tight spots.

6. Energy efficiency

There is no simpler or more effective way of reducing the energy and water you consume, than by purchasing market-leading equipment renowned for energy efficiency. JTM’s professional partners are all spearheading the design of energy efficient products in their sector.

To find out more about the features and benefits of our commercial laundry equipment, or our ranges of commercial tumble dryers or warewashing solutions, call 0800 652 5692.