There’s more to choosing a commercial detergent than simply giving them a quick sniff. With stain removal performance, cost efficiencies, and usability all important factors, it’s imperative you work with a provider that has your best interests at heart.

With a dedicated detergent laboratory, equipped with the very latest mixing and testing apparatus, we’ve been perfecting our ‘Radiance’ range of high-quality commercial detergents for over three decades.

And what’s really impressive is that our fresh smelling technicians use a wide range of specifically formulated chemicals, to create a bespoke package of detergents to meet the individual needs of each customer giving you the very best results from every wash.

Whether you’re washing Egyptian cotton in a five star hotel, theatre gowns and bath towels in a busy hospital, or have a constant stream of dirty glasses in your restaurant, we understand the importance of things like infection control, wash speed and total stain removal – and we can help you to optimise the output of your laundry or warewashing systems with the right detergent and service package for your business.

Here’s five quick fire facts about our dedicated detergent service:

• We give you free detergent pumps on loan for as long as you buy your chemicals from us.

• We provide comprehensive COSHH training for your staff.

• If you already use our specialist [machine maintenance services] we would be a one stop shop for all your laundry and warewashing requirements, saving you valuable time.

• You will get regular maintenance visits to ensure your peristaltic tubes are fully operational – optimizing the amount of detergent which is dispensed into every wash.

• Your chemicals are delivered direct to your laundry or kitchen by a JTM member of staff, so they will never be late, lost in transit or damaged.

For more information on our bespoke detergent packages and to discuss your individual requirements, call our dedicated team of experts free on 0800 652 5692.