Air Recycling Flex – There is still a lot of thermal energy in the exhaust air after the drying process. The Performance-Plus range of the new Miele Benchmark Tumble Dryers include the patented Air Recycling Flex system which feeds some of this heated air back into the drying process. Furthermore, the recirculation air is sealed in the cooling programme stage and only fresh air is fed in, which accelerates the cooling process. This ensures perfect drying results with very low energy consumption and shorter drying cycles. As well as achieving maximum energy efficiency with the Air Recycling Flex, the Miele PDR 914 Air Recycling Flex comes with fully programmable M Touch Pro controls, drum volume 250 l, load capacity 14.0kg, and the unique, gentle fabric care from Miele’s honeycomb drum. It includes precision drying of all fabrics – PerfectDry – and is connected for the future using LAN and WiFi.

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