Christmas. It truly is a wonderful time of year. But for many businesses, it can mean extra work, extra customers, extra responsibility and even extra laundry.

Don’t believe us? Here are three different sectors who face laundry fears before festive cheers.

Animal care

From vets, kennels and catteries to riding schools and equestrian centres, for the animal care sector the colder months mean muddy paws, wet fur and chilly pets. There’s no wonder then, that laundry loads increase on the run up to the festive period (and remain high until spring of course), with additional pet blankets, dirty towels, mucky beds and warmer horse rugs.

Hospitals and care homes

It’s not just pets that need extra layers in winter. Us humans are just as keen to keep warm and dry too, especially if we are vulnerable or unwell. Whether it’s an extra blanket on our bed at night or an extra towel to keep the chill off when we get out of the shower – hospitals and care homes are inundated this time of year with additional laundry from keeping their patients and residents as comfortable as possible in the colder weather.


It’s party season and for the hospitality sector that means long rows of reserved tables ready for post-work revellers to let their hair down. Most restaurants and hotels experience a far higher number of reservations this time of year, which means more table cloths, more napkins and more laundry.

Seasonal menu changes pose their own problems too, with gravy and red wine being far more problematic than Caesar salad and elderflower presse!

Overcoming your laundry fears

Of course, if your machines are old and past their prime, updating them will ensure that you can handle those additional winter wash loads with ease. We’re only a few weeks away from Christmas now though, so it’s a little too late to be thinking about a complete laundry room upgrade – don’t panic though because all is not lost.

If you’ve noticed some of the tell-tale signs that your appliances need a bit of TLC, then now is the time to get it done. The UK’s worst weather is in January and February, so acting now could save a potential laundry room failure in the New Year (or before!). Making sure your commercial washing machines and tumble dryers have been correctly serviced will ensure that nothing goes wrong during this seasonal peak in demand, so don’t delay any longer.

JTM offers service without compromise, even when it’s busy and with engineers available in your area, we could be with you in no time to make sure your laundry room is fit for purpose right into the New Year and beyond.

We carry plenty of spare parts, which means there’s a fair old chance we could fix any problems on the spot – we do have a 96.4% first-time fix rate after all! While we’re with you, we could even talk you through your options for installing some new appliances in 2016, as well as our flexible payment options and care packages.

So if you’re feeling the strain of seasonal laundry fears and would rather concentrate on the festive cheers instead – give us a call on 0113 257 2221 to arrange a service or maintenance visit today.