We had our quarterly company meeting this morning, and as always, it was great to get the team together. The highlight of the morning was to celebrate Dave Ogden, our Service Engineer, who recently celebrated his 20 year anniversary with JTM Service!

Dave Ogden

Dave joined in 2004, which is when Facebook was first launched and Friends aired its final episode! Since then, lots has changed, and we have grown and developed, and Dave has been an integral part of this. More importantly, he is one of life’s genuinely nice guys, who always goes the extra mile for our customers and his teammates! It was fantastic to be able to make a fuss of him and thank him for all he has done for JTM Service.

Prizes and Updates

We started the meeting with breakfast butties for everyone, and we discussed:

  • Our successes, including great customer feedback and new customers, and opportunities we have
  • Our ‘Rocks’, which are our quarterly strategic objectives, such as looking into an additional operating hub, introducing more staff benefits, and rolling out our updated customer survey
  • The numbers – how we are doing financially, our growth this year
  • Investments we are making, such as a new system (Big Change), our office refurbishment, and staff benefits
  • The Dogs Trust, our chosen Charity for 2024, and the sponsored walk we are doing this weekend to raise money
  • What an amazing team we have!

We also read out some of the nominations that we have given each other for great work and where our team have demonstrated Our Values. The name of everyone nominated went into a hat, to be in with a chance of winning a prize in our game of Spin The Wheel. Some of the prizes were brilliant, some were interesting…! Russell won a spa weekend, and Suzanna won a JTM Service notepad!

Go Team JTM Service 👊