Whether you work in hospitality or the care sector, social housing or animal care, at some point, you’ll need to invest in brand new laundry equipment or replace your existing appliances.

However, being able to source a supplier who can provide you with equipment that fully meets your requirements, fits your budget and conforms with the latest industry standards and regulations can be a real challenge, particularly if you’ve got to:

  • Find the right equipment fast or;
  • Have limited time to spend on doing your research

The laundry equipment you choose can make all the difference between providing you with high standard cleaning for many years to come and having to contend with substandard results and costly and time-consuming breakdowns and repairs.

Next time you need to invest in a new commercial washing machine, consider the following three points. If your laundry machine supplier does all of these things, then chances are their products and services will help you tick all of the right boxes:


POINT 1: Industry expertise

How good is their industry knowledge? While your supplier may say they’re experienced, does their experience relate to your sector? Do they have practical knowledge of the type of laundry systems that are proven to deliver the best results in your line of work? And more importantly, is the advice they’re giving you impartial rather than geared towards a particular make or model?


POINT 2: Reliability

It’s important you can rely on your laundry machine supplier to provide you with professional, honest advice at all times. It’s also important you can depend on them to make sure your systems are kept in the best possible condition. Most suppliers will provide maintenance support however, it’s the industry-leading suppliers who’ll offer comprehensive servicing with high success rates, as well as analysis and reporting (to help minimise and avoid any sudden issues occurring) and breakdown cover all-year round.


POINT 3: Commitment

Partnering with a laundry machine supplier who’s just as committed to fully meeting your requirements as you are, is pivotal to making sure you invest in the right commercial laundry solution. Ask yourself – do they pride themselves on providing you with the best possible service from start to finish and do they strive to deliver their service without compromise, as standard?


These pointers are by no means a comprehensive list, but are aimed at providing you with an overview of some of the main ways your laundry supplier can save you time and hassle when it comes to investing in laundry equipment, as well as help you ensure it’s fit for purpose.

Got any questions or want to find out more about how we can help you meet your commercial laundry requirements? Contact our customer care team today for more details.