At JTM Service we understand ironing is a key part of the process for many commercial on-premise laundries, such as in Care and Nursing Homes, Hotels, Schools and other commercial laundries. Why are high performance commercial ironers so important?

Specialist Finishing Equipment

Commercial ironers, also known as ‘Finishing Equipment’, can efficiently handle the most demanding of laundry, such as sheets, table cloths and other items. They can handle high volumes and can also dry the laundry at the same time, meaning they are efficient and effective, improve the results and saving time, labour and cost.

They can come in many different types and sizes.

Rotary Ironers

For smaller laundry operations, a space saving Rotary Ironer is ideal, such as Miele Professional’s HM 16-80 Rotary Ironer and HM 16-83 Rotary Ironer. With variable roller speeds, return feed, robust designs and low consumption values, these be operated whilst sat down, making them comfortable, effective and efficient.

Flatwork Ironers

These are larger commercial appliances, with a large heated roller, used where high volumes of laundry require finishing. These are often used in settings such as hotels, commercial laundries and larger Care and Nursing Homes. They come in different sizes and can manage throughputs of over 200kg per hour, with models including Miele Professional’s PRI Range and Electrolux Professional’s Line 6000 Range (see JTM Service – Commercial Ironers for more information).

Table Ironers

Professional ironing tables, such as Miele Professional’s PIB 100 Ironing System and Electrolux Professional’s FIT1 Ironing Table, are foldable and ergonomic. They are steam systems and good for prolonged ironing times.

JTM Service

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