At first hearing, the notion of a business taking previously outsourced laundering in-house may sound like a one-way ticket to increased cost and hassle.

But the experience of numerous organisations, in many sectors, now shows the exact opposite.
Here are our top 10 reasons why you can benefit when you open an on-premise laundry:


Quality control

Owning your laundry means you gain complete discretion over the whole process and its standards. This should mean quality is assured and the risk of you suffering embarrassment through having to apologise to customers for stains on linen, for example, is greatly reduced. You’re well-placed to derive the value from your laundry and the staff who operate it that you demand elsewhere in your business.



You can wave goodbye to suppliers letting you down at the last minute by not collecting your linen or returning it on time, thus avoiding the problems this tardiness can cause your business.



If your circumstances change – through occupancy levels rising, if you run a hotel, for example – your complete control means you can step-up your laundering schedule easily to meet the new demands.


Linen hire

Starting an on-premise laundry can mean any need to hire linen, which often involves long contracts and maximum charges, drops or disappears completely.


Additional costs

You avoid dreaded additional costs incurred when your outsourced company, over which you have no control, loses linen.


You know it’s yours

Your linen stays on-site, whereas outsourcing creates a real risk of your items becoming confused with those of a supplier’s other customers…as many organisations can testify.



The innovative design and wide range of commercial laundry equipment, including stacked units, means space need not be an issue.


Set-up bills

You can reduce your overheads and equipment expenses need not be steep when you go it alone. We can tailor our many cost-effective options to suit your business’s needs and circumstances. This flexibility means your outlay on your new appliances can be manageable and more than recouped over short periods.


Running costs

You can easily constrain your equipment’s running costs, as you gain great control over the use of essential services, such as electricity, water, gas and detergents.


Green credentials

You avoid dreaded additional costs incurred when your outsourced company, over which you have no control, loses linen.

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