Often, a commercial washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher is on a raised base or platform (a “plinth”). But what is a plinth, and when is one needed?

What is a plinth?

When we talk about a plinth, we are meaning a raised base, stand or platform that the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher is placed on. There are a few types of plinth, including:

  • a plinth already in place or built for the machines, such as a concrete plinth.
  • a plinth specifically designed for the individual machine, such as an open plinth (open sides and front) or a closed plinth (closed sides and front).
  • a specialist plinth with water tanks and a flat base, where it is not possible to fit the plinth into the floor (e.g. with underfloor heating).

Why use a plinth?

The 2 most common reasons for a plinth are Gravity Drainage and Ease Of Use:

  • Gravity Drainage – commercial washing machines can come with a gravity drain rather than a drain pump. This is essential in settings like Care, where foul wastewater needs to be removed. To operate correctly, the machine needs to be raised so foul wastewater can fall downstream to the drain – similar to the action of a toilet drain.
  • Ease of Use – raising the washing machine, tumble dryer or dishwasher can help ergonomically. A plinth can help ensure the machine is at the optimal working height for the user loading and unloading the machine, and it can prevent strain and discomfort to the human body.

There are other reasons a plinth may be used, such as to provide a more stable and level surface for the machine if the existing flooring is not suitable; and it can also help with cleanliness and hygiene by making it easier to clean underneath and around the machine.

Supply and Installation

At JTM Service we are specialists in commercial laundry equipment and dishwashers, and we can supply and install all types of plinths to suit your requirements and ensure your machine is at the right height. To understand more and speak to us about how we can help, please contact us on service@jtmservice.co.uk or 0113 2572221.