An On Premise Laundry (“OPL”) helps Hotels and B&Bs to improve the flexibility, convenience and cost of the laundry. At JTM Service we work with Hotels and B&Bs to ensure they have the right laundry equipment and it is serviced and maintained for optimum performance.

The Ironer is an essential element of the OPL. The Miele Professional HM 16-80 and HM 16-83 Rotary Ironers are the ideal Rotary Ironers for small Hotels and B&Bs where space is at a premium.

These ironers are the leading solution due to their ability to iron a considerable amount of laundry with ease, whilst being easy to install, easy to use and compact in size.

The benefits of the HM 16-80 and HM 16-83 include:

  • Robust and durable, built to last and perfect for everyday use
  • Easy to use, fast turnaround – makes light work of ironing and can operate comfortably whilst sat down
  • Minimum space is required due to its compact size, and it folds away and is easy to move
  • Steam action for a crisper finish
  • Can iron a considerable amount of laundry, saves time and effort when ironing sheets
  • Variable roller speed to work at your own pace
  • Convenient foot switch to leave both hands free to arrange laundry items
  • Pressed laundry is returned to the front of the machine, meaning it can be installed against a wall
  • Low consumption values – economical and efficient
  • Finger guard to ensure safety