An article this week in the Education Briefing explored the principles of Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) and Reactive Maintenance in the UK’s schools, colleges and universities. It highlighted the benefits of PPM, and why “prevention is always better than cure”. See the full article here:

Whilst the article is about the Education sector, the principles apply across all sectors. A regular schedule of planned preventative maintenance is an approach we recommend at JTM Service as the best practice method to keep your equipment in good working order, whether you are in Education, Care, Health and NHS, Housing, Animal Care or any other business.

It is particularly important for commercial laundry equipment and dishwashers, as breakdowns and downtime can have a huge impact on the business.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM)

This is a proactive approach which prioritises preventing problems through regular inspections and servicing. Ideally it is part of a comprehensive maintenance plan, covering the frequency of visits and services, and using experienced, qualified personnel to help identify issues before they escalate.

Reactive Maintenance

This involves dealing with an issue after it arises. It is necessary in some circumstances, such as a breakdown of equipment, or accidental damage which couldn’t be foreseen. However, dealing with things reactively can result in increased costs, disruption to operations and potential safety risks.

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

The article explains the benefits of PPM include:

  • Cost Efficiency – preventing costly repairs and minimising downtime.
  • Improved Safety – addressing potential hazards early on. With equipment like gas tumble dryers, this is essential to meet legal requirements as well as for safety.
  • Extended Lifespan of Assets – by taking good care of assets, education facilities can extend the lifespan of equipment and reduce the need for expensive replacements.
  • Reduced Disruption – addressing issues proactively minimises disruption to operations.

JTM Service

We have a team of experienced, qualified engineers who offer a thorough service for all commercial washing machines, tumble dryers, ironers and dishwashers.

For more information on preventative maintenance please visit JTM Service – Preventative Maintenance, and for more information on the importance of Annual Gas Safety Inspections please visit JTM Service – Gas Safety Inspections. And if you would like to discuss how we can support you, please contact us on 0113 2572221 or