We were delighted to welcome Miele’s Professional Chief Technician Trainer, Richard Parkes, to JTM Service HQ recently for ongoing training of all our engineers. Our Head Technical Engineer, Russell Churchill, is responsible for the JTM Service Training Academy, and I asked him to explain some more about this.

What was the training we received?

Miele Manufacturer practical training on the new range of Profiline (PFD10x) and Masterline (PFD40x) freshwater dishwashers. Over a 2 day period, ALL field engineers and installers received hands on training.

Why did we have the training?

The Masterline range of freshwater dishwashers are new to the market this year, and the Profiline range is relatively new as well. All our engineers at JTM Service have received training on these equipment, and as part of the JTM Service Training Academy we include manufacturer led training as an important tool. We supply and install many of these machines in a number of sites, such as the Care sector and Hospitals, so ongoing training is vital.

Who delivered the training?

Richard Parkes, who is the Professional Chief Technician Trainer at Miele Professional

What were the benefits?

We are passionate about ongoing training and development for our team. The hands-on training helped some our newer engineers learn more about the new Miele Professional range of dishwashers, whilst showing the engineers that are familiar to the previous range of machines some of the newer features. The engineers had a chance to strip down the machines in a workshop environment, and importantly gain confidence in the machines when out in the field.

Were there any other benefits?

As with all courses where we all get together, it is good to get the team together to talk about our experiences on the range so far and bounce ideas off each other.