Miele Machine Servicing On A Fishing Trawler

We got a call from one of our customers recently, a Hull-based fishing trawler, as they were coming into port for a few days and needed our help. They were getting poor wash results which meant their clothing on the fishing trawler was smelling a bit ‘fishy’!

The customer had purchased 3 dosing units but couldn’t find a way to connect them to the electronics of the Miele machines. The challenge was that the dosing signal had to be ‘set’ to make the machine talk to the equipment and the dosing equipment then had to be set how to dispense the correct amount of detergent for each wash. Our Senior Engineer resolved the issue with the help of our Trainee Engineer, 3 units on site where installed with new cable and piping and the correct flow rates set to give the best wash results.

Previously the crew had been guessing the correct dosing leading to poor wash results. With the dosing all set now this should mean the crew will be smelling of roses – well maybe not roses, but certainly less fishy! Find out more at https://youtu.be/f29theZCNIw #commerciallaundry #commercialwashing #washingmachines #commercialdishwashers