We’d like to reassure you that, following the introduction of the new National restrictions from 5 November 2020, JTM Service are operating business as usual. We provide an essential service to sectors including health and social care and key public services and the majority of our customers are functioning as normal and we are available to support you and your business.

Our number one priority remains unchanged and is to keep our employees, customers and partners safe. I would like to provide further reassurance that our practices around sanitisation, hygiene and infection control are second to none.
Infection control is a key part of what we’re always about in laundry and dishwashing and especially now. As well as following the instructions and communications being issued by the government and the Department of Health, and ensuring we follow the best practice on handwashing and PPE requirements, we’re also constantly discussing with our engineers and our customers what else we can do to maximise infection control, and working together to implement this.

Examples of the extra measures we are taking include:

  • Sanitising our tools and equipment between each site visit
  • Discussing with site prior to each visit to understand any site specific requirements and adhering to these
  • Not requiring customers to sign our PDAs/smartphones on each visit to avoid cross contamination when handling the PDAs
  • Agreeing access directly to the laundry or kitchen where possible and agreeing restricted access whilst attending to minimise contact with residents and other people on site

Recently a new customer gave us an order for new machines and explained the reasons why we stood out and why they therefore chose us. As well as being able to provide a solution that was right for them, the customer stated they were impressed with our additional processes to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of our engineers and all our customers and their clients.

At JTM Service we are passionate about helping maximise infection control and hygiene, and this also means delivering our services in the safest way possible to support both our customers and our employees, and we are delighted that this is recognised and has helped us with an order on this occasion.

Thank you for your continued support and if you have any questions please do contact me or any of the team here at JTM Service on 0113 257 2221 or email service@jtmservice.co.uk