At JTM we help our customers find the ideal commercial laundry system for their business, whatever their industry. Our efficient laundry systems ensure our customers get outstanding, reliable results day after day, year after year.

Here are the top 5 ways a commercial laundry system could benefit your business.

  1. Cleaning power

We partner with market-leading manufacturers from across the globe to bring the very best in commercial laundry technology at affordable prices. This means our systems are equipped to provide the level of cleaning power required to consistently deliver outstanding laundry results in a commercial setting.

  1. Unique to you

Whether it’s ease of use, thermal disinfection or lack of ventilation that is your main priority, we’ll talk to you and recommend the exact machines, settings and detergents to match your requirements. By understanding that every business is different, we are able to create a unique laundry system to fulfil your needs.

  1. Energy efficient

Built especially for use with a commercial laundry setting, all the machines we supply are extremely efficient and provide excellent results at therefore saving you money.

  1. Durable

All our systems are made to last, and all the machines we supply are built to withstand large, heavy loads. We realise how disruptive a laundry breakdown can be to your operation, which is why we supply the most durable machines, and offer call-outs 356 days a year with our Comfort Care package.

  1. Saving you time and money

Investing in an in-house commercial laundry system means that you by-pass the need for external laundry suppliers, saving you costly monthly bills and giving you the freedom to create your own laundry schedule. Not only does this represent fantastic value for money, but it saves you time by keeping everything on site.

Want to benefit from an efficient laundry operation? Arrange a free consultation today and we can help you find the commercial laundry system that is right for your business.