Our team did a great job installing new stacked electric washer/dryers in a small space at a Vets this week, resulting in a very happy customer who said the installation went “smoothly and was fuss free”, and praised our installation team as “friendly and approachable”!

The work involved capping the gas, dismantling the previous supplier’s existing machines and removing them, cleaning and modifying the ducting, carrying out drainage work, and installing and commissioning the new equipment. It was a challenging install in such a small space, and we overcame additional challenges along the way – the hot water tap in the sink did not turn off, so we isolated the water and repaired the sink tap. And we rectified the full drainage run as the drainage was sagging and dripping slightly.

The stacked Miele PWT6089 washing machines and PT7189XL tumble dryers were the ideal solution for this Veterinary Practice, and when we had completed the installation we trained 10 staff on the machines operational use and good laundry practice.

As the before and after photos show, the team did an outstanding job delivering a great solution for the customer. All in a day’s work for our exceptional, friendly and approachable team!