The cost of energy has put a significant strain on many businesses. The On-Premise Laundry (“OPL”) is one area where savings can be made, but what are the best ways to reduce energy usage and save costs with your commercial laundry equipment?

At JTM Service we work with our customers to help maximise energy efficiency across many sectors, such as Care & Nursing Homes, Housing, Hospitals, Sports & Leisure Clubs, Hotels, Restaurants and Holiday Parks. We have also pulled together a guide with 14 energy saving tips to help with this, these tips include:

Load Size – it may sound simple but load sizes makes a big difference. Underload and you’ll need more cycles and use lots more energy; overload and it will hinder your drying and washing performance meaning more longer cycles and more energy usage.
Short, Clear Tumble Dryer Airways – vented dryers expel hot moist air outside. Short, clear venting is critical to efficient and safe performance. Blocked ducting and longer ducting runs hinder the hot moist air being expelled, meaning the machine needs to work a lot harder, using more energy.
Energy Efficient Equipment – modern high quality equipment is more efficient. For example, Miele Professional’s Little Giant laundry equipment uses 28% less energy than its previous range; and modern heat pump dryers can reduce energy consumption by 65% compared to condensor dryers.
Look After Your Machines – well maintained equipment means better results, and shorter and more efficient cycle times. Regular clean downs, and having short, clean venting is critical. Also regular preventative maintenance on all equipment pre-empts issues and maximises efficiency.

To see our full list of Energy Savings ideas please click here – 14 Tips For Energy Savings. And to discuss further, and to see how JTM Service can help with this, please contact us on 0113 257 2221 or