Earth Day is an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection. At JTM Service we believe we are all responsible for protecting the planet, and we work with partners who share the same ethos.

What is Earth Day?

It began in 1970 in the United States, as a way to engage the public and push green issues on to the national agenda in the US. Earth Day takes place every year on 22 April, and it is now a global event.

What is the theme this year?

This year’s theme is “Planet vs. Plastic”, raising awareness of the harms of plastic pollution. According to a study in the journal Science Advances, around 8 billion tons of plastic has been produced over the last 60 years, and over 90% of this has not been recycled.

JTM Service

Our ESG Commitment includes more details of what we have done and our future commitments, including:

  • Waste generated by JTM Service is minimised and our policy is to reuse and refurbish before recycling
  • Waste that cannot be reused is recycled, and we aim to send 0% to landfill
  • We are ISO14001 certified (ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System – certificate)
  • We partner with MoreTrees to plant trees across the world, and we have planted 640 trees since December 2022 which means we will remove from the air 64.5 tonnes of CO2 – the equivalent emissions to driving a car round the earth 19 times!

We work with partners who share our commitment – for example Miele Professional, Electrolux Professional, Smeg Professional and Girbau. Our partners incorporate sustainability into the heart of everything they do, including reducing plastics in packaging, building quality products to last, using recycled and recyclable components, and setting ambitious targets for their sustainability journey.

We are committed to continuing to develop and enhance what we do to protect the environment.

Happy Earth Day!