We had our quarterly company meeting this morning, it was great to get the team together and discuss our successes, challenges, opportunities and achievements. It was also fantastic to give away some prizes, including freshly baked bread slippers!

We updated on:

  • Our achievements, thanking the team for these
  • Successes, challenges and opportunities
  • Our most recent Employee Survey results (the top scoring question was “I am proud to work for JTM Service”)
  • Our investment in a new computer system (BigChange)
  • An update on last quarter’s Rocks, and what our 4 ‘Rocks’ are for the next quarter (‘Rocks’ are our quarterly strategic targets)
  • The office refurb we’re doing over the next 3 months
  • Our chosen charity for 2024 (the Dogs Trust), with events planned

We finished the meeting with our game of Spin The Wheel – where everyone nominated by their teammates gets an opportunity to win a prize.

This month we gave away a £100 voucher, a hamper, and a pair of Freshly Baked Bread Slippers – Suzanna was the ‘lucky’ winner of the slippers. There was some confusion about these but apparently, they are slippers made to look like baked bread, rather than baked bread made to look like slippers… 😂

It was fantastic to be with everyone, what an awesome team!