Ensuring the safety of vulnerable individuals in Care Home settings is essential, and upholding the highest levels of hygiene throughout every area of the Care Home is crucial for maintaining infection prevention and control. In the kitchen, this requires a dishwasher to handle multiple loads of dirty crockery, cutlery and glassware each day with a hygienically clean finish!

A recent article in Tomorrow’s Cleaning, from Charlie Robards at Miele Professional, explained why a high quality commercial dishwasher supports this.

  • Selecting the right equipment – domestic dishwashers may be cheaper upfront but are not designed to handle the heavy workloads and frequent usage requirements of a Care Home, meaning they will breakdown, be more expensive to operate in the medium term, and won’t last.
  • Preventing cross-contamination – Care Homes require rigid measures to prevent cross-contamination, and commercial dishwashers play a vital role due to their high-temperature wash cycles. For example, Miele Professional’s MasterLine dishwashing range removes 99.999% of bacteria.
  • Upholding quick turnarounds – In Care Homes, multiple loads of dishwashing must be completed quickly. Commercial dishwashers, like Miele Professional’s MasterLine range, have ‘Super Short’ programmes meaning dishes can be hygienically clean in 5 minutes.

At JTM Service, we supply, install and maintain the highest quality pass-through and undercounter commercial dishwashers, including Miele Professional’s MasterLine range – see JTM Service – Miele Professional’s MasterLine Range. For more information on how we can support your Care Home with infection prevention and control, please contact us on 0113 2572221 or info@jtmservice.co.uk.

And to see the full article in Tomorrow’s Cleaning, please see https://content.yudu.com/web/1jybr/0A1vxp9/TCFeb24/html/index.html?page=34&origin=reader