We were contacted by a Care Home in Berwick-Upon-Tweed this month with a request for urgent help as both their washing machines were down and they did not trust the advice they were being given by their current support company. I was really proud with how we helped them get their laundry up and running quickly, showed our integrity and didn’t chase a ‘quick sale’, and therefore saved the Care Home money!

The Care Home has two Girbau HS6013 washing machines which were not working and they had been advised by their current commercial laundry equipment support company that one machine needed a new concertina hose and the other needed replacing. They felt the quote to replace the machine was expensive and trust had broken down with their provider, and they wanted a second opinion.

We provided a quote for the replacement machine which the customer agreed, and we sent one of our engineers to site immediately to assess the machine they had been told was repairable and to try to get it up and running, and to do a site survey to confirm the new machine they required as well.

On arrival our engineer discussed with the customer the faults they had been advised by the other company and tested the machines to confirm the faults. He fixed the one machine but on testing the other he believed it could be repaired and a replacement was not needed. Rather than just carry on and complete the site survey for the replacement machine, he discussed with the customer what he believed the issue was, that the advice that it needed to be replaced was flawed, and that they didn’t need to buy a new machine from us, we could repair it saving the customer money.

The manager and owner were over the moon and praised JTM Service for being honest with the repair, for getting them up and running quickly and for saving them money by not requiring a new machine. We did lose a machine sale and I couldn’t be happier – we did ‘the right thing’ for the customer and that is always ‘the right thing’ for JTM Service!