One of our customers, a Priory in Whitby, had an issue with their 16kg capacity Primus FS16 washing machine and we identified it had a failed bearing seal causing a leak which had damaged the bearings. Whilst a new replacement machine was one option, replacing the bearing was another option we offered, and the Priory preferred to replace the bearing as it saved money and the machine was in good condition apart from the bearing fault.

View the video below:

The bearing change was not a simple job – it required a special 20 tonne hydraulic puller to remove the drum and press out the bearings. There was only just enough room in the laundry room to get behind the machine with the tools needed to remove the drum, and it needed 2 engineers just to hold the pullers in place. But we were delighted to be able to complete the job and get the machine back up and running, and the customer was delighted with the results and that we were able to save them over £4,000 by doing this.

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