Our team is what enables us to be leading commercial washing machine and dishwashing equipment providers. Not only are they incredibly friendly, but they’re also extremely experienced, highly trained and incredibly talented at what they do.

This post is the first in a series of Q&A blogs aimed at shining the spotlight on the many different staff we have here at JTM, front and back office included.

Let’s get started by focusing on what it’s like to be one of our engineers. Here, Rob Curry, who’s been with us for six months, talks us through what it’s like to be part of our engineering team:

What time does your day usually start?

I have breakfast at 7am and then get my two-year-old boy ready for nursery.

What sort of time do you start work?

Around 8.30am to 9am, depending on where my first site visit is.

How does your working day usually begin?

First of all, I plan the journeys I need to make and check that I have all of the information about the sites I’m visiting, such as the postcode and details of the work that’s required.

Understanding what the call-out is regarding enables me to make sure I have the right parts and equipment in the van. At JTM, we have a 94.6% first-time fix rate meaning that, most of the time, we can resolve the issue there and then.


What does your role involve?

Servicing and repairing commercial washing machines and dishwashing equipment and finding faults. The main objective is to fix the equipment first time around, which is what JTM is renowned for.

I also carry out site surveys when replacement washing machines and/or tumble dryers are required. My in-depth knowledge of commercial washing equipment enables me to recommend the right laundry or warewashing system to match the clients’ requirement exactly.

What do you most enjoy about your job and why?

Every day is different. I’m always out and about visiting different places and meeting different customers.

It’s really refreshing. Before working for JTM, I worked for the Royal Navy, repairing the air con systems, generators, engines and other parts on ships, which was a bit mundane at times.

What time do you typically clock off?

Around 4pm to 4.30pm.

What’s the last task you tend to do each day?

There are several things I do. I check all of my paperwork, order machine parts, make sure my van stock is all up to date and that my van is clean and tidy, ready for the next day. Preparation is everything in the world of commercial laundry maintenance and having the right tool to hand can save you and your client days of precious time.

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