Electrolux 505103 Commercial Dishwasher

Available to buy outright or to lease

Hood type dishwasher, with single skin manual hood, atmospheric boiler, built-in continuous water softener, built-in detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser and drain pump, 80r/h.


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N° of cycles: 3
Duration cycle:* 45/84/150 sec.
Duration cycle – NSF/ANSI 3 compliant: 57/84/150 sec.
Racks per hour:* 80
Racks per hour – NSF/ANSI 3 compliant: 63
Dishes per hour:* 1440
Dishes per hour – NSF/ANSI 3 compliant: 1134
Wash temperature: 55-65 °C
Wash temperature – NSF/ANSI 3 compliant: 75 °C
Rinse temperature: 84 °C
External dimensions, Width: 746 mm
External dimensions, Height: 1549 mm
External dimensions, Depth: 755 mm
Net weight: 106 kg
Shipping weight: 118 kg
Shipping volume: 1.23 m³
Packaging size

(WxDxH): 870x730x1620 mm
Noise level: <68 dBA

Electrolux 505103 Commercial Dishwasher 1

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