ProCare Universal 61

Dishwasher salt, 3 x 2 kg

For optimum regeneration of the integrated softener.

  • Prevents calcium deposits and protects wash items

Product Details

Product Category

Fresh-water dishwashers

ProfiLine dishwashers

Tank dishwashers

Throughfeed tank dishwashers

Washer-disinfectors, laboratory

Thermal disinfectors

Product Properties

Medium type – Reactivation salt
Composition – Coarse grained salt
Prevents limescale and protects load items 

Dimensions and Weight

External dimensions, net height in mm – 320
External dimensions, net width in mm – 104
External dimensions, net depth in mm – 226
External dimensions, gross height in mm – 320
External dimensions, gross width in mm – 100
External dimensions, gross depth in mm – 225
Gross weight in g – 5000
Gross weight in kg – 6

Compliance, Test Certificates and Symbols

GHS/CLP compliant