Expenditure usually equals reduced profit right? Well not always it seems.

There are now some very clever ways of investing in care home improvements, whilst actually reducing your business costs and securing additional profit for your business. Sounds great doesn’t it?

If your laundry room is tired and inefficient and you have been thinking about replacing some of your appliances, then there may well be an abundance of business benefits that you hadn’t even considered.

Here are six ways investing in new laundry equipment from JTM can lower your business costs:

  • Choosing commercial laundry appliances which are energy efficient by design will lower your monthly utility bills considerably. (making sure they are switched off over night will help too)
  • By making JTM your provider of choice, you will receive staff training so that each member of the team knows how best to optimise each cycle, by using the machines intelligent integrated functions – and better performance equals lower running costs.
  • New equipment will be programmed to utilise less water than older models. Not only will this save money on your water bills, but it will also lower your electricity consumption because there is less water to heat.
  • By working closely with JTM, you can benefit from a bespoke package of equipment that has been designed to meet the needs of your business. This could include a commercial tumble dryer with the same drum capacity as your washing machine, which will streamline your laundry room processes by eliminating the need for additional staff to split the load. Leaving team members free to perform other tasks.
  • By upgrading your current equipment you could lower, or do away with, your laundry outsourcing costs, which will line your pockets and reduce the payback time of your initial investment.
  • As your dedicated laundry partner, JTM will service your equipment on a regular basis, which is often cheaper than repairing major problems on unserviced machines.

To find out more about how JTM can help you lower the running costs of your care home, through designing a package of products and services that perfectly meet your needs, call our dedicated team of experts on 0800 652 5692.