If you’re looking to set up a new laundry room or upgrade an existing one then appWash is the solution you need.

There are 2 parts to appWash, appWash Pay and appWash Relax.

For those looking to run their laundry rooms hands-on then, appWash Pay is your product. You buy the machinery (and service) and appWash technology to be installed then define the price for laundry costs within the appWash portal to charge your service users. All the billing is handled by appWash including the setup of portal payment methods such as PayPal etc…

For those looking for a less than hands-on approach then appWash Relax would be more suitable. With appWash Relax, there is no investment needed, appWash work with a service provider to run the laundry room on your behalf, simple as that.

appWash makes it easy for your users to do their everyday washing by reducing the time they spend in the laundry room and increasing long-term customer loyalty for the service you provide them via the app.

Miele AppWash Logo ohne Subline Coral RGB
  • Availability of machines can be seen at all times
  • Flexible reservation and booking of machines via smartphone
  • Cashless payment via the app with full cost control
  • Push notification when the wash cycle is finished

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