Wynyard Hall Hotel and Spa

We helped Wynyard Hall Hotel and Spa, Tees Valley, to expand their on-premises laundry operation to cope with increasing demand. Having recently installed a Grand Marquee on the grounds, their existing machines were struggling to keep up with the extra laundry generated by weddings and events. Their existing operation included:

  • 2 x PT8353 Gas dryers
  • 2 x PW6161 Washing machines
  • 1 x PM14-21 Rotary iron
Although there was no obvious space for new commercial laundry equipment, Wynyard Hall were reluctant to send the laundry out as they were unhappy with past results and the cost involved.

JTM were called in to carry out a site survey and develop a solution. We moved the washing machines into another room and left the dryers and the rotary iron remaining. We then installed an additional Miele PW8181 washing machine and a PT8403 gas dryer, leaving the Wynyard Hall team with the ability to upsize the equipment as and when they require more capacity.

A final reshuffle was implemented, improving the layout and freeing up a wall to give staff more space to work. The result is an effective, functional space which includes enough machines to cope with current demand, as well as being ready for expansion in the future.

  'Due to increased business levels we required additional machines for our internal laundry. As we already had a good relationship with JTM, we asked Wendy to do a site visit to give us some options. This was organised and done very quickly, with sensible quotations provided. The JTM engineering staff conducted a subsequent site visit and a date was set to rearrange our whole set-up. The work was completed over two days and the additional machines are running perfectly. The other machines are no longer overworked and can be rotated. Staffing, from my perpective, is now more efficient and far more productive. The new layout works really well.'

Brian van Oosten, General Manager, Wynyard Hall