Electrolux commercial dishwasher suitable for care homes, hospitality and offices.

Electrolux 505105 Commercial Dishwasher

Available to buy outright or to lease

Hood type dishwasher, with single skin manual hood, atmospheric boiler, built-in continuous water softener, built-in detergent dispenser, rinse aid dispenser and drain pump, 80r/h.


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N° of cycles: 3
Duration cycle:* 45/84/150 sec.
Duration cycle – NSF/ANSI 3 compliant: 57/84/150 sec.
Racks per hour:* 80
Racks per hour – NSF/ANSI 3 compliant: 63
Dishes per hour:* 1440
Dishes per hour – NSF/ANSI 3 compliant: 1134
Wash temperature: 55-65 °C
Wash temperature – NSF/ANSI 3 compliant: 75 °C
Rinse temperature: 84 °C
External dimensions, Width: 746 mm
External dimensions, Height: 1549 mm
External dimensions, Depth: 755 mm
Net weight: 106 kg
Shipping weight: 123 kg
Shipping volume: 1.21 m³
Packaging size

(WxDxH): 870x710x1630 mm
Noise level: <68 dBA * According to market standard, the productivity is declared at an inlet water supply temperature of 50°C . If the water is supplied at 65°C, the power can be reduced by 3 kW without any loss in productivity. ** When connected to cold water, the cycle time will be prolonged accordingly. The machine will have productivity per hour of 48 racks at 10°C supply temperature or 55 racks at 20°C supply temperature

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