At first hearing, the notion of a business taking previously outsourced laundering in-house may sound like a one way ticket to increased cost and hassle. But the experience of numerous organisations, in many sectors, now show the exact opposite.

Here are our top ten reasons, which can benefit you to do exactly that.

Quality Control:
Ownership of your laundry means you gain complete discretion over the whole process and its standards. This means you are assured of quality and you and your business never have the embarrassment or the need to apologise to your customers for stains on the linen. You can instil the quality and value in both your laundry and the staff that you demand elsewhere in your business.

Taking advantage of our duct cleaning service can also demonstrate you comply with law and regulation. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, for example, says businesses must conduct relevant risk assessments and keep them up-to-date. That includes arranging regular inspections and analyses of ducting systems, then ensuring any work they identify as necessary to ensure safety is carried out.   

Duct cleaning can also keep your insurer happy. A rising number of cover providers are now demanding proof from policy holders that this maintenance happens regularly. You may, therefore, find insult being added to injury if you suffer a duct-originated fire, for example, through your insurer refusing to pay out.

During duct cleaning visits, expert JTM Service engineers ensure dryers continue working to manufacturers’ standards in relevant respects. Among other tasks, they:

  • Inspect dryer ducting systems thoroughly
  • Remove any lint and other foreign materials from them   
  • Clean ductwork and filters
  • Give customers comprehensive reports on the work they’ve undertaken

Our engineers are available for duct cleaning visits – even to dryers we didn’t supply – on seven days a week, so will call at a time to suit you. For a no-obligation quote, please just call now on 0800 652 5692.

Remember, cutting the cleaning could mean you’re acting in haste, only to repent at leisure.

For more insight on energy efficiency ratings or for impartial advice on the most effective way to go about improving your laundry carbon footprint, contact us on [email protected] or 0800 652 5692.